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We as a company love to hear feedback from our customers to let us know how we are doing. We encourage everyone to send feedback so that if there's something we need to improve on, we will make efforts to do so. In addition, if there's any positive comments you'd like to give, we encourage those as well. Because that's how we know that we are doing what needs to get done the right way. 

Last night we got home from my son’s football practice to discover that we had no hot water.  Thankfully my son toughed it out without too much trouble.  I put in a call expecting to get a voicemail.  To my surprise, “Hello, this is Rick” was the response. This was around 9:00 pm. His techs were on a blocked sewer call and he was hours away returning from a personal trip, and yet he replied that if needed he would come out as soon as he was back in the area.  It wasn't an emergency and being a new customer I expected a few hiccups.  The first tech arrived and had the problem diagnosed within minutes. Another tech showed up shortly afterwords with the parts needed to complete the job. Hot water fixed, furnace cleaned and serviced.  The phrase “comfort solutions” is truly a case of truth in advertising.  Rick has gained another very satisfied customer and brand new advocate!

Greg W. | New Tripoli, PA

Bryan R. | Bethlehem, PA

“Zongora did a fantastic job for me this weekend. Rick had one of his guys at my house about half an hour after I called him. Very professional service. He was able to repair my blower motor back at their shop and within a couple of hours my furnace was back up and running. Thank you for the recommendation! I will never use anyone else. ”

John F. | Bethlehem, PA

“Your guys were early and got everything up and running. Thank you very much for your prompt service. I never expected same day, but do appreciate it! Thank you!”

Terry N. | Bethlehem, PA

“Nick, thank you for being so customer service oriented. I appreciated you taking the time to talk with me and answer my questions. You are so patient and knowledgeable. Your service was extraordinary.”
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